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About Us

Fulcrum is a culmination of years of experience and understanding of the growth and evolution of global supply chain and logistics industry. 
We envisage the future supply chain to be a customized global digital platform where services are more and more client-centric and time-bound.
The evolution of the industry over the past decade has been exponential and will continue so; till a point where global trade platforms will enable countless service providers to coexist based on the individual's prowess in terms of service offerings.
Fulcrum as a 4PL entails this very fact and provides its clients the best of what is there on offer in terms of service without compromising on costs, efficiency and service deliverables.
                               We firmly believe “If something is not broken do not try to reinvent it”.
The global logistics industry is vast with innumerable players. As a 4PL we leverage on this fact and provide the client with the best possible combination of services that not just minimize costs but also gets the best services on offer. Our vendor partnerships provide flexibility and ability to cope up with dynamic market demands.
This contributes to the success of key attributes of any business - Man, Machine and Movement. We strongly believe that every problem has a solution and all you have to do is to evaluate multiple options and smartly choose the wise one.

Journey till now

​Fulcrum International was incorporated on 29th December 2016 with modest offerings to a single client. In just about a year, we have grown to establish a 38,000 sq.ft. warehouse for distribution across India. Combined with freight services, custom clearance and tech solutions our growth over the year has been nothing but stratospheric. 

Ambitious Future

​We aim to be best among the service providers in the 4PL arena. With an increasing focus on creating warehouse spaces available for our client on pan India basis and building a network of transport providers in India. We are also expanding our business geographically to create newer synergies and partnerships both in India and abroad.  We are poised to open our offices in major metros and grow our network.

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